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We specialise in all areas of industrial and residential cleaning

Welcome to Arrow

Arrow Environmental Services Ltd is a leading family run business, operating throughout the UK, providing a range of cost and environmentally effective processing, recycling and disposal services.

Our customers range from SME's, public service sector organisations and local Government, through to some of the UK's best known brand names, which include the construction and demolition industry.

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Oily Waste Water Treatment

Arrow's state-of-the-art Ultra Filtration plant has not only helped to minimise their environmental impact, through better energy efficiency and reduced waste, but has improved the company's ability to handle high COD waters.

They include spent coolants, condensate water, washings and other similar waste streams generated by industrial processes that contain oil and water.

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Comprehensive Drain Inspection & Cleaning Service

Arrow offer a comprehensive range of drain cleaning solutions, for both planned maintenance and unplanned drain clearance, when you have an immediate problem we have the solution.

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Industrial Cleaning & Decontamination

Arrow offers a comprehensive range of specialist cleaning services to suit industry.

We react to emergency situations, such as spillage clean-ups, machine breakdowns, drain and interceptor cleans, day or night. No job is too big or small.

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Tank Cleaning & Decommissioning Service

Arrow has the expertise and proven techniques to clean tanks to the required standard. Procedures and safeguards are put in place to ensure that safe working practices prevail.

While it is not always possible to clean a tank without entry, Arrow recognises that working inside a confined space can be extremely hazardous.

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Bio-Hazardous Waste Removal

Arrow offer a Bio-Hazardous Waste Removal service, we have experienced staff who are equipped and trained to handle and remove a wide range of Bio-Hazardous substances from in and around your premises, commercial or residential.

We offer a full range of internal and external commercial and domestic house cleaning solutions and provide a specialist cleaning service, leaving the area hygienically clean.

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Tank Removal

Tanks situated above or below ground, containing hydrocarbons, that are no longer required, will be decommissioned and left safe according to requirement, or removed from site with minimum disruption..

Our operatives comply with all health & safety regulations and are fully experienced in carrying out this type of activity.

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Forward Thinking Waste Solutions

Our team of technical professionals will advise you of the safest, most economical and environmentally sound way of segregating and recycling your waste whilst providing a comprehensive collection and disposal service.

Our staff are specially trained to identify, label and package lab-smalls as well as deal with the larger more difficult and hazardous wastes.

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Providing a Reliable & Efficient Transport Service

Arrow will assist the producer in determining the most practical and cost effective option when dealing with waste.

Documentation will also be supplied to ensure that the producer meets their responsibility under Section 34 of 'The Environmental Protection (Duty of Care) Act 1991'.

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A fresh approach to Health, Safety and Environmental issues

The demand for efficiencies and profitability is allowing managers very little time to reach and make informed decisions on the multitude of Health, Safety and Environmental issues that effect their business.

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